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[Exclusive Interview – ENG] Romeo Blanco – Talented DJ hailing from the Tomorrowland mainstage

Romeo Blanco – DJ/Producer (born in 1986) hailing from Tomorrowland mainstage. Not only that but he got to share the stage with the likes of Don Diablo, Martin Garrix,… and many more.

Throughout his career, Romeo’s music ranges a diversity of genres, and with that it received heavy support from David GuettaMartin GarrixAviciiAlesso,..

Romeo also got to perform at the Tomorrowland mainstage for 6-times-in-a-row.

He’s currently on a world tour to promote his latest single together with Henri PFR called In The Mood – which is not #1 on iTunes and UltraTop50.

On our special occasion, we have a chance to sit down with Romeo Blanco for out exclusive interview about his career, and the story behind it.

1. What brings you to be a DJ and a producer? Why do you choose House Music? What are your favorite records at the moment?

I’m born in the year 1986. The year House Music
started in Chicago. So I guess that maybe that’s where it all begun. As a
teenager I was playing vinyls together with some friends. I’ve always wanted to
know how they made the songs on the records I played, that’s when I learned
more about the production process and started making songs myself.

2. There are a lot of young tales wanting to succeed like you, so can you share your advice to the youngsters who are willing to fulfill their dream to perform at festivals?

The most important thing is to believe in
yourself, keep learning, practice your skills every day and never give up.
Talent only brings you somewhere, but keep training and practicing your skills
will keep you on top.

3. Given that you’ve performed at the Tomorrowland mainstage over the past couple of years. What really brings you to music festivals? And how do you prepare your own sets before your gig?

I’ve always delivered my own vision to music.
Trying to tell a story and connect people with every set I do. I try to prepare
as less as possible, cuz every crowd is different. When I start playing, I look
at the crowd how they react and I know what to play.

4. You’ve performed in Vietnam before, so what are your first impressions when you arrived in Vietnam?

It’s a beautiful country and the people are
always very nice to me. Always when I play in Vietnam, I’m humbled by the
reaction I get from the fans and it always brings a smile to my face.

5. The dance music scene in Vietnam over the past few years skyrocketed and we can see an increase of the community, boosting the playground and promote internationally. So are you interested in collaborating with one of the artist in Vietnam?

Always I’m interested in collabing with new and
interesting people no matter if they are famous or not. I don’t know any
Vietnam artists at the moment, but I’ll look into it.

6. So will you return to Vietnam in the near future?

Vietnam has become a routine yearly, as for now,
we have some shows in september coming up where I will be performing in Hanoi.

7. What do you think it’s your best time to further develop your career and your success? What are your future plans music-wise (singles, projects, etc.)

I’m continuosly evolving and reinventing myself
as a producer and artist. Planning to do some live shows in the future with
piano, live band etc. New collabs & songs coming up. Keep a look out on my
socials for the release dates.

8. Do you have any message to all the EDM fans in Vietnam? As well as the young talents who are fulfilling their dream to become DJ/Producer?

Thank you for always greeting me with open arms
and coming to my shows. Without you I would not be here. And for the young
talents, never ever ever give up.

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